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Mikrob 350

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Mikrob 350 2.0  *Preorder*


This is a preorder for the rebirth of the Mikrob 350 Mechanical Tube Mod.....


Quick Backstory..  


Long ago a friend from across the pond needed some help.. he had a mod that was called the Mikrob, QC and manufacturing problems had him searching for someone else.  Her I come to save the day, Fast-forward a bit we made a first successful run of these mods in 2014/15 at the end of the mechanical days,boxes were the truth tubes were yesterdays news.... i always said  there will always be a spot for a small, easy to use pocket friendly mechanical device.  Fast-forward again..... MAN IM OLD, Here we are 2019 and seems WE still WANT a tube?!?!

I will give a go at a slightly different design and also try and shrink it up a bit.  I will leak some pics as progress unfold in my FB group..  for now pictures are of the original we made in 2014/15


These are made from SS -I know its a rarity for me,  Maybe ill sneak some titanium in the run here and there.....  this test preorder will be for the 350 size tube switch and hybrid 510 disk.  Other battery size Tube sections will be possible and available after this initial preorder is complete.


This is a preorder Please allow 2-6 weeks before receiving ship notice..  I appreciate your support and patience!!!!  I also want to mention how important these preorders are to my existence within this industry....  Without moderate success I wouldn't be able to continue developing and manufacturing new things!!


Thank You !





Mikrob 350

Expected release date is Feb 15th 2019

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